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Kitchen Weights and Measures

Many recipes, cooking instructions and cookbooks will use a combination of weights and measures to help you identify how much of each ingredient you need to follow your recipe.

Most modern cookbooks will use metric measurements (grams) while your Granny's old cookbook will more than likely be working with ounces or pounds. The same comparisons can be made with temperature (gas mark, faranheit or celsius), liquids (mls or fluid ounces) and so on.

To make your life that little bit easier in the kitchen, we've created this handy kitchen weights and measures conversion chart which will allow you to quickly convert your weights and measures of your favourite recipes. Print it out and keep it in your kitchen drawer, in the classroom or your cookery school!

We've included the link below the chart for anyone who wants to download a high quality PDF printing.

 Kitchen Weights and Measures ChartKitchen Weights and Measures Conversion Chart

Click here to save the high resolution copy of our weights and measures conversion chart.

* (This might take a few seconds to load based on the speed of your connection. When the PDF loads in your browser, make sure you save it to your computer so you can print out a copy whenever you need it!) *