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Elia Crockery

Our collection of Elia crockery is a varied and extensive collection of fine dining crockery with a diverse blend of shapes, styles and patterns, suitable for almost any table setting.

Elia crockery provides you with the platform to create stylish and elegant food presentations and table settings that will inspire chefs and enthral customers.

We stock four of the most popular patterns of Elia chinaware:

Each pattern of Elia crockery brings its own unique benefits and properties to your table settings and you are guaranteed a quality and highly presentable piece from any of the patterns listed above.

Despite its fine dining appearance and featuers, Elia crockery has an underlying strength and durability that will stand the test of time in any commercial catering environment. All patterns are dishwasher safe as well as microwave safe, except the Elia Cubiq range is it has metallic design features within each piece.

Elia Glacier
» Elia Glacier
Elia Glacier is a fine dining pattern of crockery that has a soft, creamy glaze and gentle sweeping curves, perfect for classic or conte...
Elia Orientix
» Elia Orientix
Elia Orientix is a stunning range of fine dining whiteware that features a soft, creamy glaze and soft flowing curves on each piece wit...
Elia Cubiq
» Elia Cubiq
Elia Cubiq is a delicately hand painted range of fine dining crockery that features a delicate platinum band with delicate gold square e...
Elia Miravell
» Elia Miravell
Elia Miravell is a modern, fine dining collection of crockery with a soft creamy glaze and elegant flowing lines making it the perfect r...