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Steelite Simplicity White

Steelite Simplicity is a simple yet effective white pattern of crockery that can be used in almost any casual dining environment.

The Simplicity collection is a strong and extremely durable range which features a variety of shapes and sizes giving you great options to create fantastic table settings and food presentations.

Steelite Simplicity is the foundation of many Steelite patterns and as such can be considered the cornerstone of many of the great Steelite patterns we have available today. This collection can be found in a huge range of hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout the UK and Ireland.

Everything about this range appeals to casual and relaxed dining. With great resistance to chipping along with it being both microwave and dishwasher safe, the Steelite Simplicity range is as versatile and durable as they come!

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Showing items 1 to 20 of 65 items