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Elia Cutlery

Elia cutlery is a quality collection of modern cutlery that is superbly finished and is ideal for both commercial and domestic table settings.

The modern contemporary patterns of Elia cutlery are manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel and are finished to an exceptional standard, giving you many years of great service.

Some of the most popular patterns of Elia cutlery include Siena, Glacier or Ribbon. A truly inspiring and stylish collection for any hotel or restaurant.

Elia Siena
» Elia Siena
Elia Siena is a modern range of cutlery with a wide styled handle that is perfectly balanced and is both eye catching and durable - perfe...
Elia Glacier
» Elia Glacier
Elia Glacier is a modern range of cutlery with a generous sized handle that both looks and feels great in the table and your hand. The El...
Elia Liana
» Elia Liana
Elia Liana is a modern range of cutlery which tapers narrowly at the neck of the cutlery, creating a slender and highly presentable range...
Elia Ribbon
» Elia Ribbon
Elia Ribbon is a modern pattern of cutlery that has a delicate ribbon like design along the handle of each piece - a unique and contempor...
Elia Zephyr
» Elia Zephyr
Elia Zephyr is a slimline range of modern cutlery with curvacious features creating an elegant and awe inspiring pattern. The Elia Zephyr...
Elia Meridia
» Elia Meridia
Elia Meridia is a contemporary range of cutlery designed for use in modern dining settings. With a generous gauge handle and smooth, curv...
Elia Jester
» Elia Jester
Elia Jester cutlery is a modern range of cutlery that gets its name from the small spherical design at the base of each piece, resembling...
Elia Miravell
» Elia Miravell
The Elia Miravell cutlery collection is a stunning range of quality cutlery which is perfect for use with any table setting. Miravell cut...