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Schott Zwiesel Glassware

This collection of Schott wine glasses and barware is an exclusive selection of some of the best glassware available for fine dining table settings.

Schott wine glasses are manufactured from lead tritan crystal giving them an elegant and fine dining appearance as well as making them a durable and long lasting glass, perfect for commercial catering. With the right care and attention, these glasses will give you many years of fantastic service and performance.

Schott Zwiesel glassware has been refined over many years to ensure that each piece of Schott draws out the fullest flavour and aroma from your selection of wine or spirits. This fascinating range of crystal glassware will look stunning on your table with its crystal sheen and invigorating shapes - truly spectacular restaurant glassware!

Schott wine glasses are sold in some of the UK's largest department stores at retail prices that are sometimes double what you can find them priced at with AJ Stuart online. Unequalled quality and value on Schott Zwiesel glassware!

Schott Diva
» Schott Diva
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Schott Mondial
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Schott Classico
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Schott Congresso
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Schott Audience
» Schott Audience
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Schott Tossa
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Schott Cannes
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Schott Cru
» Schott Cru
Schott Cru is a stunning range of elegant glasses perfectly designed for banquets and fine dining, adding a touch of class and style to a...