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Frying Pans

Our frying pans, or skillets are available in a range of materials - aluminium, stainless steel or black iron - and from a range of manufacturers including Longlife and Genware.

Most of our frying pans and skillets are designed for use in commercial kitchens but we also have a few pans that are more suitable for lighter duty use, in the kitchen at home for example. These commercial frying pans are much harder wearing than the domestic frying pans and are designed to withstand continued use in a busy restaurant kitchen.

There are many styles, shapes and sizes of frying pan available online. Making sure you find the ideal frying pan for you is essential to making sure your produce the best food in the kitchen.

Things you need to consider when choosing a great frying pan or skillet includes; size, depth, handle style, weight and material.

If you need any advice on any of our pans featured online, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our sales team.

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