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Food Storage

Having the right food storage containers for storing food in your kitchen is one of the most important aspects of making sure your working environment and the food your serve meets the strict standards set by food standards agencies.

Our range of food storage equipment ranges from air tight containers to colour coded food boxes, while also including a range of food labels and food display items.

Food Storage Containers UK

Food Storage Containers UK

Food storage guidelines are in place to ensure not only the cleanliness and hygiene of your kitchen and working environment, but also to ensure the health and safety of customers in your catering establishment. An outbreak of food poisoning linked to your restaurant or takeaway not only has serious implications for the well-being of your customers, but can have a serious effect on the reputation of your business.

If you require any guidance regarding food storage or guidelines put in place by agencies such as the Food Standards Agency, then please get in touch with any member of our sales team.

Check out our full range of food storage containers below and start storing food safely in your kitchen!

Air Tight Containers
» Air Tight Containers
Air Tight Food Storage Containers are an essential piece of kit for any professional kitchen. It is important that your food is stored sa...
Gastronorm Containers
» Gastronorm Containers
Gastronorm Containers are an essential piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen, food preparation, food display or outside catering ...
Food Boxes
» Food Boxes
These Tote Boxes are useful plastic storage containers for any kitchen as they can be used to temporarily store food while waiting to be ...
Food Labels
» Food Labels
Food Labels and Food Label Dispensers provide you with a food labelling system which allows you to quickly and easily identify which food...
Food and Ingredient Bins
» Food and Ingredient Bins
Ingredient Bins and Bins for Storing Food are the perfect containers for storing large volumes of ingredients or other foods such as rice...
Insulated Food Bags
» Insulated Food Bags
Our range of Insulated Food Bags and Delivery Bags allow you to transport your cooked food, keeping it warm during transportation from yo...
Foil Containers
» Foil Containers
We stock a selection of Disposable Foil Containers and Lids which can be used to transport and keep food warm for a short period of time....
Food Display Trays
» Food Display Trays
Our collection fo food display trays are ideal for displaying anything from cakes and buns, to butchers displays in their shop window.
Salt Boxes
» Salt Boxes
Our collection of Salt Boxes feature a range of traditional storage boxes which keeps salt dry in the kitchen and allows chefs to quickly...