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Restaurant Equipment

Our restaurant front of house equipment provides you with anything you will need during service in your hotel or restaurant.

This ranges from table top equipment, food service dishes, high chairs, food trays and docket books to tab grabbers and bill spikes. Our food service equipment is sourced from some of the top brands from throughout Europe and the US, guaranteeing quality and value for your restaurant.

Foodservice Equipment for Front of House

Foodservice Equipment for Front of House

We have a range of specialist table top items. As the name suggests, this section is dedicated to items which you would expect to find on any hotel or restaurant tabletop. This includes itesm such as napkins, place mats, cruet sets, sauce boats and lots more. Take a look for yourself and pick up a few everyday essentials which every restaurant needs.

Table Top
» Table Top
Our collection of tabletop accessories and table top equipment feature a range of everyday accessories that are found on tabletops in you...
Food Service Dishes
» Food Service Dishes
Our collection of food service dishes includes a range of food serving platters, banqueting dishes, oven to tableware and chip serving ba...
Trays and Tray Stands
» Trays and Tray Stands
Food trays and tray stands are widely used in many cafes, restaurants and hotels for carrying food to and from tables by either customers...
High Chairs
» High Chairs
If you're a child-friendly restaurant, you'll need to have a few high chairs at your disposal encase mum and dad pop in for a bite to eat...
Docket Books
» Docket Books
Make sure your orders make it safely from the restaurant floor to the kitchen with our range of restaurant order pads. Available as singl...
Plate Covers
» Plate Covers
Restaurant plate covers for food can serve a number of purposes in the kitchen. These plate covers can help to keep food warm, prevent fl...
Cutlery Storage
» Cutlery Storage
Make sure your knives, forks and spoons are neatly stored and presented with our range of cutlery storage containers. Please check out ou...
Rope Barrier Systems
» Rope Barrier Systems
These rope barrier queueing systems offer the perfect crowd control solution when it gets busy in your restaurant and customers are waiti...
Tab Grabbers
» Tab Grabbers
Our tab grabbers are available in four different sizes and are perfect for securely holding orders when they arrive in the kitchen. These...
» Bells
These service bells for kitchens allow chefs to make service staff aware that food is ready to be served to customers tables. These bells...
Bill Spike
» Bill Spike
Keep your bills, dockets and receipts stored safely on your desk, in the kitchen or at your till with our practical and great value bill ...