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Buffet Display

Choose from our huge range of buffet display equipment and buffet utensils to ensure a professional and eye-catching food display and buffet presentation.

We stock a variety of buffet display equipment including chafing dishes, display baskets and display trays for presenting your food to customers or guests in a stylish and professional manner.

Customers or staff will also need a selection of buffet utensils to fill their plates when passing your buffet presentation. Check out our full collection of specialist buffet utensils which is specifically designed for front of house use.

Buffet Display Equipment & Buffet Utensils

Buffet Display Equipment & Buffet Utensils

Check out our full collection of buffet display equipment below and if you've got a buffet display idea in mind but can't seem to find what you're after, please get in touch and we'll try and help!

Chafing Dishes and Fuel
» Chafing Dishes and Fuel
Chafing Dishes are a highly presentable and efficient method of keeping food warm during service. These chafers are extensively used in o...
Display Baskets
» Display Baskets
Our range of food service display baskets are ideal for serving breads, fruit or other snacks to customers tables or at a buffet presenta...
Display Trays
» Display Trays
Whether you're displaying presenting your tasty wares at a buffet or at a counter display, our range of display trays and baskets are the...
Breakfast Buffet
» Breakfast Buffet
Make sure the most important meal of the day runs smoothly with our range of Breakfast Buffet Equipment. Breakfast can be a busy time for...
Cake Stands
» Cake Stands
When your cake is baked and ready to be served, make sure it stands out from the rest with our range of cake stands and cake pedestals. O...
Buffet Dishes
» Buffet Dishes
Make sure your buffet or event runs as smoothly as possible with our range of buffet dishes and buffet platters. Perfect for serving fing...
Folding Tables
» Folding Tables
Our folding tables are lightweight and easy to lift, store and transport due to their aluminium body and wood laminate finish. Great for ...
Table Skirting & Clips
» Table Skirting & Clips
Table Skirting and Conference Cloth is widely used at banquets, formal dinners, weddings and business events to ensure that your dining r...
Buffet Utensils
» Buffet Utensils
This huge range of Buffet Utensils are specifically designed to be displayed alongside buffet food so that guests and customers can easil...
Deli Dishes
» Deli Dishes
We have a huge range of Deli Containers and deli dishes which are normally used for displaying foods such as coleslaw, potato salad, past...
Table Stands & Labels
» Table Stands & Labels
Make sure staff can quickly and easily identify which table they are serving with our range of table numbers and table number stands. The...
Soup Tureens
» Soup Tureens
Our collection of Soup Tureens or Punch Bowls can be used to serve soup or punch in a stylish and highly presentable way at any event or ...
Rope Barrier Systems
» Rope Barrier Systems
Rope barrier systems help to keep queues in line while waiting for a table or waiting to gain entry to your establishment. These red rope...
Ice Cream Cone Holders
» Ice Cream Cone Holders
Serve your ice cream in style with these Ice Cream Cone Holders, perfect for holding up to four cones at once. These ice cream cone holde...
Wedding Cake Stands and Knives
» Wedding Cake Stands and Knives
Cutting the cake on any wedding day is one of the major highlights of the day. Make sure your cake looks the part with our range of weddi...
Deli Tickets & Food Labels
» Deli Tickets & Food Labels
Make sure customers can see what's on offer at your deli counter or buffet display with our range of deli tickets and food labels. Perfec...