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Chafing Dishes and Fuel

Chafing Dishes are a highly presentable and efficient method of keeping food warm during service. These chafers are extensively used in outside catering as well as at buffet displays and self service areas.

There are many shapes and styles of chafing dish available on the market today and our collection of chafers aims to provide a suitable solution for your buffet or food presentation needs no matter what your budget.

Within our collection of chafing dishes you will find standard chafing dishes which use burners to keep food warm, electric chafing dishes as well as a selection of chafing dish fuels.

Chafing Dish
» Chafing Dish
Chafing Dishes are the perfect piece of equipment for keeping hot food warm during service at a buffet or outside catering event. This co...
Chafing Fuel
» Chafing Fuel
Chafing Fuel is used with all styles of traditional chafing dishes and is placed in the fuel holders below the chafer to allow the heat t...
Electric Chafing Dish
» Electric Chafing Dish
Electric Chafing Dishes have the obvious benefit of not needing to worry about running out of chafing fuel mid-service. These electric ch...