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Table Skirting & Clips

Table Skirting and Conference Cloth is widely used at banquets, formal dinners, weddings and business events to ensure that your dining room looks the part on those big occasions.

With a huge range of table skirting available, with matching table skirt clips to help hold the cloth in place, your tables will be uniquely decorated to set your conferences and banquet dinners apart from the rest.

Check out our full range of conference cloths, table skirting and table cloths below and if you need help in measuring or deciding what cloth suits you best, please just give us a call.

Table Skirting
» Table Skirting
Our collection of table skirting will allow you to add a professional touch to your function, event or wedding. Available in a huge range...
Table Skirting Clips
» Table Skirting Clips
Make sure your table skirting is held in place securely by using our approved table skirting clips. If you are unsure of which clips are ...