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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning and general hygiene is important in your place of work, but no more so than in professional kitchens and restaurants. Not only are you legally obliged to maintain high standards of cleanliness, but you are also judged by your guests and customers on how well you keep your restaurant, toilets and how tidy your establishment is in general.

Cleaning Supplies Belfast & Kitchen Cleaning Equipment

With our professional collection of cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaning equipment, you can ensure that your staff have all the kit necessary to keep your place clean and tidy.

Whether you need mops and brushes for cleaning the floor, or a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning the loos, our range of equipment is designed to last and will have your kitchen and restaurant sparkly clean in no time at all!

Cleaning Supplies Belfast & Kitchen Cleaning Equipment

Our cleaning supplies & kitchen cleaning equipment are supplied to customers throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, helping businesses and restaurants keep their working environments fit for purpose.

Check out our full range below and remember, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!

Paper Hygiene
» Paper Hygiene
Our range of paper products provides various solutions for your kitchen, washroom or any other purpose such as centre pull, hand towels,...
» Brushes
We have a huge seletion of floor brushes and cleaning brushes to help you stay on top of all your cleaning duties. Choose from our collec...
Mops, Mop Buckets & Squeegees
» Mops, Mop Buckets & Squeegees
Choose from our selection of mops and mop buckets below which are essential pieces of equipment for all your cleaning up duties. We have ...
Wet Floor Signs
» Wet Floor Signs
Wet floor signs are an effective way to warn guests or customers that the floor is wet and may therefore be slippy. These bright yellow f...
Rubber Gloves
» Rubber Gloves
Our rubber gloves are great for protecting your hands when cleaning up or using chemicals which could potentially damage your skin. We al...
Cleaning Cloths and Scourers
» Cleaning Cloths and Scourers
Choose from our range of microfiber cleaning cloths, kitchen wiping down cloths and scourers to make sure your table tops and work surfac...
Washing Up Bowls
» Washing Up Bowls
A fantastic collection of washing up bowls which sit neatly inside your sink when doing the washing up. These bowls can help prevent scra...
Washroom Equipment
» Washroom Equipment
Washroom equipment for kitting out the toilet and washroom area of your restaurant, hotel or business. Many guests to your restaurant or ...
Ironing and Laundry
» Ironing and Laundry
Our ironing and laundry products include all you will ever need to keep on top of your ironing and washing. Choose from our range of iron...
Cleaning Accessories
» Cleaning Accessories
View our collection of cleaning accessories & essentials below which will help you keep your workplace clean and tidy.
Grill Stones and Screens
» Grill Stones and Screens
Keeping your grill and griddle clean is an essential job in any kitchen. Our selection of grill stones and screens for cleaning your gril...
Cleaning Chemicals
» Cleaning Chemicals
Our collection of cleaning chemicals are used extensively by businesses in the food industry and are suitable for use in both front and b...
» Bins
We have a huge selection of bins which can be used throughout the workplace, whether it's in the kitchen, in the office or for recycling....
Cleaning Trolleys
» Cleaning Trolleys
Our range of great value cleaning trolleys are the perfect accessories for use in a busy commercial environment and can be used in a vari...
Tea Towels
» Tea Towels
Choose from our collection of kitchen tea towels below which are great for drying plates, cups, glasses or cutlery. Our tea towels are us...
Dish & Cutlery Drainer
» Dish & Cutlery Drainer
These dish and cutlery drainers can be used within dishwashers and allow you to safely hold knives, forks and spoons when washing in the ...
Floor Mats
» Floor Mats
Our floor mats for restaurant kitchens are designed to make your kitchen a safer working environment. These floor mats provide a much gri...
Polish and Surface Cleaners
» Polish and Surface Cleaners
We supply an excellent range of furniture polish and surface cleaners for glass and other hard surfaces. Choose from our range of chemica...
Safety Glasses
» Safety Glasses
Safety glasses are an essential accessory in many workplace environments where potential eye injuries can occur. These safety goggles are...
Stainless Steel Buckets
» Stainless Steel Buckets
Our range of stainless steel buckets are used extensively for cleaning purposes and are suitable for both commercial or domestic use. Bro...
Refuse Sacks
» Refuse Sacks
These heavy duty waste bags are up to five times stronger than standard waste bags and won't rip or split, even when full. These bags are...