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Deep Fat Fryers

Deep fat fryers are an essential piece of equipment for most professional kitchens. Whether in a restaurant kitchen or takeaway, deep fat fryers allow you to provide a steady supply of chips, battered fish or fried chicken for your hungry customers.

Choose from the options below and pick the model of fryer which best suits your kitchen. Our free standing fryers are ideal for kitchens where you have the ground space to install a full unit, while our table top fryers are installed on your counter when ground space is limited.

Free Standing Fryers
» Free Standing Fryers
Free standing fryers are the ideal cooking units for large kitchens or takeaways that have sufficient ground space to install a full size...
Counter Top Fryers
» Counter Top Fryers
If you have limited floor space in your kitchen and need a deep fat fryer, it's probably best that you install a counter top fryer which ...