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Polycarbonate Tableware

Our collection of polycarbonate tableware features a collection of plastic plates, bowls, cups, cutlery and glasses. Perfect for schools with young children, nurseries, hospitals or other caring environments.

This collection of plastic tableware is available in several bright and eye catching colours, making them great for young kids and fun to use. Polycarbonate tableware is also extensively used in prisons where it may be deemed a security risk to use standard cutlery or crockery.

Within this range of plastic tableware you will find; plastic plates, bowls and cups, plastic cutlery, plastic glasses and a selection of plastic jugs.

Polycarbonate Tableware & Plastic Tableware UK

Polycarbonate Tableware & Plastic Tableware UK

If you have enquiries regarding a specific colour of plastic tableware that you can't seem to find online, please give us a call and we can discuss your options. Our plastic tableware is extensively used in schools, hosptials and prisons throughout the UK and Ireland due to it's longevity and "virtually unbreakable" properties.

Plates, Bowls & Cups
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