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Sambonet Cutlery

Sambonet cutlery is an exceptional collection of Italian cutlery that adds character and style to any hotel or restaurant table top.

The Sambonet cutlery patterns that we currently stock include; Queen Anne, Triennale and Riflesso. Each pattern brings its own unique characteristics and intricate design to create a feeling of real quality to your tabletops.

Italian cutlery is always associated with real quality, and our collection of Sambonet cutlery is no different. A quality, long-lasting range that will give you many years of fantastic service in both commercial and domestic dining.

Sambonet Queen Anne
» Sambonet Queen Anne
Sambonet Queen Anne cutlery is a popular range of classy Italian cutlery that is used in hotels and restaurants throughout the UK and Ire...
Sambonet Riflesso
» Sambonet Riflesso
Sambonet Riflesso cutlery is a simple but elegant collection of Italian cutlery that is manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel. The simp...
Sambonet Triennale
» Sambonet Triennale
Sambonet Triennale cutlery is a quality range of Italian cutlery with a double edged design which adds a classy and modern feel to any ta...