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Baking Pans with Lids

This range of baking pans with lids are ideal for both cooking and transporting foods such as lasagna or shepherds pie, while also being handy for carrying trays of chips from the fryer to the service area.

The lids on these baking pans help the food within to retain heat while also ensuring that flies and other insects cannot land on your cooked food.

Most of these baking pans with lids also have sturdy side handles making it much easier and safer to carry these pans, even when carrying hot contents.

  • Genware White Mini Casserole

    SDAJSNEVI723 Neville Uk
    (£8.94 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 3-5 Days Delivery

    The Genware White Mini Casserole can be used when baking or heating individual portions of desserts and sweets such as pies and crumbles in the ove...

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  • Banqueting Dish Lid 20 Inch

    SDAJSNEVI219 Zodiac
    (£23.75 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 5-7 Days Delivery

    The Banqueting Dish Lid is a stainless steel oval lid which fits the Oval Divided Stainless Steel Banqueting Dish. This deep lid has a handle allow...

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