Steelite Performance — AJ Stuart


Steelite Performance

Performance Combines Presentation with Practicality. The Range is brought to you by AJ Stuart and Comprises Smart, Functional and Affordable Pieces in a Variety of Designs that are Easily Able to Withstand the Trials of Daily Use. Along with Practical and Stunning Designs, this Steelite's Performance Collection is One of the Most Reliable Crockery Sets in the World.

Within the Performance Collection you will find such Simplicity Ranges as Cookware, Taste, Freestyle, Craft, Monte Carlo White & Ivory and Melamine. With a Wide Selection and Design of Plates, Cups, Saucers, Bowls, Trays, Side Dishes, Casserole Pots, Jugs, Teapots and Coffee Pots and Presentation Boards, you will think you have died and gone to Catering Supply Heaven.

All of Our Steelite Crockery is Assured by the Lifetime Edge Chip Warranty. 

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