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Black Iron Cookware

We supply a range of black iron cookware and black iron pans from professional manufacturers. These frying pans are more robust than standard aluminium pans, especially when used at higher temperatures.

When cooking with black iron pans you have a duty of care to ensure that your black iron cookware is sustainable and will last you for many years. It is important that your black iron pans are well seasoned and washed carefully after use to prevent corrosion and improve cooking performance.

Please read our guide on how to clean black iron frying pans to help maintain and make sure your pans wil give you many years of great service.

  • Matfer Blinis Black Steel Frying Pan (120mm)

    UTAJSMATF61 Matfer
    (£10.09 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 14+ Days Delivery

    The Matfer Blinis Black Steel Frying Pan is the perfectly sized pan for making blinis (or pancakes!) or frying eggs. These pans are made from black...

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