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Pizza Peels

Protect yourself from potential nasty burns when putting your pizza in (or taking it out) from your hot oven by using one of our GI Metal Peels

These pizza shovels have a long handle which gives you much greater reach inside your pizza ovens without having to put your hand into the oven, making it much safer for you or your staff when handling pizzas.

There are many different styles, shapes and length of pizza peel available to suit your own shape and depth of oven. Check out the full range below and ensure it is safe and easy to place and remove pizzas from your pizza oven!

GI Metal Peels

High quality durable and lightweight stainless steel and aluminium pizza peels, made in Italy.

High Performance: Neopoletana, Azzurra
Standard/Professional: Alice, Aurora
Moderate use: Amica

Other Peels

Economy range of aluminium pizza peels, and wooden pizza bats.

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