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Springform Cake Tins

Springform Cake Tins are an easy way to make sure your cake is not damaged when being removed from the tin. Simply loosen the Springform tin and lift it away from your cake to leave a perfect cake, ready to be served!

Springform cake tins have a novel way of making sure your cakes can easily be removed from the tin without any damage. The base and the sides of the tin are separate pieces which are aligned together and then the sides are tightened around the base and secured by a latch on the exterior wall. When baking is finished, the process is reversed and the sides of the pan are simply lifted away, leaving a perfectly baked cake ready to be served.

We have a few different brands of Springform cake tins, each with their own unique properties and benefits but which all follow the same process when baking and releasing cakes. Help reduce wastage and spoiled cakes in your kitchen with our range of quality Springform cake pans.

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