Water Boilers

We offer a range of Water Boilers to suit your needs. There are 2 main types Manual Fill and Auto-fill.  

If you need a regular supply of boiling water but don't want to connect your boiler into the mains water supply, then you will need a manual fill water boiler.

As the name suggests, these boilers are manually filled with water through the lid which is then boiled and dispensed through a tap at the front.

The major benefit of manual fill water boilers is that they can simply be plugged in, filled with water and as long as you keep the boiler topped up you will have a steady supply of boiling water. Once finished, the boiler can be taken away or easily stored until it is needed again.

Our collection of autofill water boilers from Lincat and Instanta are designed for use in commercial catering environments but can also be used in canteens, offices or staff kitchens to provide a steady supply of boiling water.



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