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Juice Extractors

If you're after authentic, flavoursome and simply delicious fruit juice, then you need look no further than our fascinating range of juice extractors and fruit presses..

Featuring a range of hand operated juicers, as well as a few automatic juice extractors, you can make your very own fruit and breakfast juice which guests and visitors will love each morning.

Check out the full range below and get juicing!

  • Robot Coupe J80 Ultra Automatic Juicer

    LEJUICE00080 Robot Coupe
    (£1,917.58 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 10-14 Days Delivery

    The Robot Coupe J80 Ultra juicer features a 1 1/4 hp motor with a speed of 3000 RPMs to liquidate fruits in a flash. Its stainless steel motor base...

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  • Zodiac Stainless Steel Fruit Press

    UTAJSZODI108 Zodiac
    (£10.67 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 5-7 Days Delivery

    The Zodiac Stainless Steel Fruit Press is used to squeeze the juice from oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits. It has a reasonable sized pot to c...

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  • Westmark Limona Fruit Press

    UTAJSWEST91 Westmark
    (£35.52 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Westmark mixing beaker is perfect for juicing oranges or lemons with the handy reversible lid and built in fruit press. Made from a tough and d...

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