Scissors and Shears

Kitchen scissors and poultry shears are handy kitchen accessories for cutting up food or preparing cuts of meat for cooking.

Our range of kitchen scissors are useful for both professional and domestic kitchens for cutting and preparing food for cooking or plate decoration.

Poultry shears are specialist kitchen shears for preparing meat such as chicken before cooking.

  • Contacto Kitchen Scissors

    UTAJSCOTO24 Contacto
    (£5.33 inc. VAT)
    Out of stock 7-10 Days Delivery

    With a wide range of uses throughout the kitchen, the versatile Contacto Kitchen Scissors cut through meats, vegetables and even small bones found ...

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  • Zodiac All Purpose Scissors

    UTAJSZODI333 Zodiac
    (£2.45 inc. VAT)
    Out of stock 5-7 Days Delivery

    The Zodiac All Purpose Scissors are a large pair of scissors which are an essential kitchen item and which will come in useful at many stages of th...

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  • Victorinox Poultry Shears

    UTAJSVICT20 Victorinox
    (£44.12 inc. VAT)
    Out of stock 5-7 Days Delivery

    Though specially designed to cutting through both the meat and tough bones of chicken and other poultry, the Victorinox Poultry Shears are also ide...

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  • Sold out

    Poultry Shears 24cm Black Handle

    APOL19 Apollo Housewares
    (£6.05 inc. VAT)
    Out of stock 10-14 Days Delivery

    Poultry Shears 24cm Black Handle

  • Sold out

    Matfer Scissors For Shelling Shrimps

    MATF272 Matfer
    (£53.36 inc. VAT)
    Out of stock 14+ Days Delivery

    The Matfer Scissors for Shelling Shrimps offer a quick and effective method for preparing succulent shellfish such as shrimps and prawns. The sciss...

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  • Kitchen Scissors 7 Inch

    UTSCISR90118 Neville Uk
    (£3.82 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    These Kitchen Scissors are an extremely practical item in any kitchen. With stainless steel blades, they have sharp long lasting edges and can serv...

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