Induction Cookware

As induction hobs grow in popularity it is increasingly important to make sure that your cookware is compatible. Most steel and cast iron cookware will be induction compatible, along with some specially designed aluminium pots and pans, but to save any headaches we have created a list of domestic and catering cookware.

Advantages of Induction

Induction hobs offer many advantages over older electric and gas hobs by heating the cookware directly through the use of magnetic fields, increasing efficiency and safety while providing fine control of temperature. However this means that the cookware must have a high magnetic content for the generated magnetic fields to produce heat, which means some cookware made of non-magnetic metals such as aluminium or copper will not work without special bases.

  • Increased efficiency - heats cookware directly, using less energy and saving you money!
  • Quick heat - due to the high efficiency, cookware will heat up to the working temperature very quickly.
  • Increased safety - as the hob surface is not heated directly there is less risk of burns, and no open flames like a gas ring. Most induction hobs also have safety features to switch the hob off if no compatible cookware is detected.
  • Easy to clean - reduced risk of difficult to clean burnt on residue, and most hobs have touch sensitive controls, so there is no knobs and dials to trap food.

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