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Steak Knives

This range of steak knives for restaurants will help customers easily slice through their favourite steak.

Steak knives are used extensively in hotels and restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland, these highly presentable and long lasting steak knives are an affordable solution for any commercial catering establishment.

There a few different styles of steak knives available to suit your individual requirements. Each knife has a toughened serrated edge that makes it easier to slice through even the toughest of steaks.

  • Sambonet Triennale Steak Knife

    UTKNIFE52505 Sambonet Paderno
    (£11.14 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    Featuring a simple, yet elegant contemporary design and striking flared handle, the Sambonet Triennale Steak Knife lends a sense of sophistication ...

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  • Sambonet Queen Anne Steak Knife, Hollow Handle

    SDAJSXSP00000048 Sambonet Paderno
    (£12.98 inc. VAT)
    Available to order 14+ Days Delivery

    Beautifully styled, the Sambonet Queen Anne Steak Knife creates a highly distinguished atmosphere, with their smooth, curvaceous design and sleek f...

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  • Victorinox Fully Forged Steak Knife

    UTKNFSK20312 Victorinox
    (£48.66 inc. VAT)
    Available to order 5-7 Days Delivery

    Painstakingly crafted to exacting standards, the Victorinox Fully Forged Steak Knife is extremely sharp and robust, cutting through the toughest of...

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  • Tramontina Jumbo Steak Knife

    CTSTKKN30046 John Artis
    (£5.40 inc. VAT)
    Per dozen
    Available to order 10-14 Days Delivery

    Beautifully styled to create a lasting impression, the Tramontina Jumbo Steak Knife exudes style, with its high quality inox stainless steel serrat...

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  • Genware Butchers Steak Knife

    UTAJSNEVI686 Neville Uk
    (£18.12 inc. VAT)
    Available to order 3-5 Days Delivery

    The Genware Butchers Steak Knife is a high quality knife for use in butcher shops and restaurant kitchens when chopping and cutting steaks into sma...

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  • Florence Stainless Steel Steak Knife (Per Dozen)

    CTSTKKN00088 Neville Uk
    (£25.66 inc. VAT)
    Per dozen
    Available to order 7-10 Days Delivery Additional stock available from bulk warehouse in 2-4 days

    This classic stainless steel steak knife has a serrated blade which will easily slice through even the toughest of steaks.Sold per dozen, Florence ...

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  • Elia Liana Steak Knife, Stainless Steel, Per 6

    SDAJSZOJR422 Elia International
    (£29.30 inc. VAT)
    Available to order 5-7 Days Delivery

    Beautifully styled with its smooth tapering handles and subtle curves, the Elia Liana Steak Knives add a touch of sophistication to the table, with...

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