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Egg Slicers & Rings

Slicing boiled eggs for salads couldn't be easier with our range of professional egg slicers giving you a perfectly sliced egg every time!

Slicing boiled eggs with even the sharpest of kitchen knives can be a messy job and inevitably you will cut slices that are not of equal width. For perfect food presentation a commercial egg slicer will neatly slice boiled eggs into equally sized slices and help reduce any egg that could potentially be wasted by slicing with a knife.

Our egg slicers are ideal for prepping boiled eggs going into salads or for egg mayonaisse. Save time in your kitchen and slice boiled eggs in an instant with one of our great value egg slicers!

Frying eggs can be messy business. These handy Egg Rings are a simple solution to ensure that you produce perfectly round fried eggs every time, helping to improve your food presentation and portion control.

Simply crack your egg and break it into our egg rings on the pan and allow the egg to fry as normal. After cooking you can easily remove your perfectly round fried egg, ready to serve.

  • Westmark Duplex Egg Slicer

    UTAJSGILB38 Westmark
    (£16.07 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The aluminium Westmark Duplex Egg Slicer dices eggs long ways or width ways into equal round or oval slices. It is composed of individually mounted...

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  • Westmark Columbus Egg Wedger

    UTAJSGILB36 Westmark
    (£17.48 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Westmark Columbus Egg Wedger with stainless steel wires, smoothly cuts hard boiled eggs into 6 equal segments in one movement. This egg cutter ...

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  • Westmark Famos Egg Slicer

    GCAJSWEST07 Westmark
    (£7.27 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    Perfectly slice boiled eggs for salad with the Westmark Famos Egg Slicer. This egg slicer is made from white ABS plastic and has several stainles...

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  • Longlife Stainless Steel Egg Ring

    UTEGGRG56523 U Group
    (£3.58 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 5-7 Days Delivery Additional stock available from bulk warehouse in 2-4 days

    The Longlife Stainless Steel Egg Ring is a useful utensil for creating perfectly round shaped fried eggs once cooked. It is particularly desirable ...

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