Toaster Bags — AJ Stuart


Toaster Bags

Toaster bags are a quick and easy way to make toasted sandwiches using your toaster in the kitchen. Simply put your ingredients between two slices of bread, slip it into one of these toaster bags and pop it into the toaster. Toasted sandwiches in minutes, with virtually no clean up afterwards!

These toastie bags are great for use at home, in the staff kitchen or the classroom. Toaster bags can be used time and time again to make perfect toasted sandwiches.

Many of our favourite toasted sandwiches contain cheese which inevitably melts when being toasted. With traditional toasted sandwich makers, the cheese can run over the hotplates and cause quite a mess. However, with these toaster bags, any melted cheese stays within the sandwich and any that does run out is caught by the bag which can easily be cleaned afterwards - saving you the hassle of scrubbing and washing hotplates after cooking!

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