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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning and general hygiene is important in your place of work, but no more so than in professional kitchens and restaurants. Not only are you legally obliged to maintain high standards of cleanliness, but you are also judged by your guests and customers on how well you keep your restaurant, toilets and how tidy your establishment is in general.

With our professional collection of cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaning equipment, you can ensure that your staff have all the kit necessary to keep your place clean and tidy.

Whether you need mops and brushes for cleaning the floor, or a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning the loos, our range of equipment is designed to last and will have your kitchen and restaurant sparkly clean in no time at all!

Our cleaning supplies & kitchen cleaning equipment are supplied to customers throughout Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, helping businesses and restaurants keep their working environments fit for purpose.

Check out our full range below and remember, a clean kitchen is a happy kitchen!

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