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Chip Scoops and Portioners

Our chip scoops or chip portioners, manufactured from stainless steel, aluminium or polycarbonate, are all designed to help serve chips from the fryer basket to customers plates or takeaway containers.

These catering grade chip scoops help to easily manage portion control when portioning out chips or other foods.

Our collection of chip scoops are used in hotels, restaurants and takeaways throughout the UK and Ireland and offer a quick and easy way to serve portions of chips.

  • Aluminium Scoop

    UTSCOOP20206 Neville Uk
    from £2.39
    (£2.87 inc. VAT)
    Limited stock

    This aluminium scoop is a lightweight yet sturdy scoop which has a range of uses ranging from scooping flour in the kitchen during baking to scoopi...

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  • Rubbermaid Portioning Scoop - 8 Cup

    UTAJSRUBB331 Newell Rubbermaid Uk
    (£22.60 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Rubbermaid Portioning Scoop can be used for measuring millilitres, cups or ounces and therefore obtains accurate portion sizes. The scoop is se...

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  • Stainless Steel Flour Scoop

    UTSCOOP19021 Neville Uk
    from £4.85
    (£5.82 inc. VAT)
    Limited stock

    This stainless steel flour scoop is a handy kitchen accessory for any cook or baker. Available in a range of sizes, these flour scoops are perfectl...

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  • Stainless Steel Chip Scoop

    UTAJSNEVI36 Neville Uk
    (£5.22 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    This stainless steel chip scoop is the ideal kitchen accessory for scooping chips from a gastronorm pan and serving directly onto customers plates....

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  • Genware Buffetpro Chip Scoop For Buffets

    UTAJSNEVI1194 Neville Uk
    (£14.14 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Genware BuffetPro Chip Scoop is the perfect buffet utensil for serving chips at your buffet, hot food bar or carvery. Manufactured from heavy g...

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  • Polycarbonate Scoop

    UTAJSNEVI1052 Neville Uk
    from £6.03
    (£7.24 inc. VAT)
    Limited stock

    This clear polycarbonate scoop can be used to lift a wide range of food such as nuts, sweets and ice. It is available in sizes of 6oz, 23oz and 64o...

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