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Colour Coded Knives

Colour coded knives have become a necessity in all professional kitchens due to developments in food hygiene over the past number of years. Colour coded knives are designed to prevent cross contamination between food groups and helps to reduce the chance of food poisoning.

This range of professional knives are sourced from quality manufacturers including Granton, Genware and Victorinox. Most knife manufacturers now produce knives which follow the colour coded hygiene regulations and their associated colours:

  • Red = Raw Meats
  • Blue = Raw Fish
  • Green = Salad or Fruit
  • Yellow = Cooked Meats
  • Brown = Vegetables
  • White = Bakery or Dairy Products

As well as supplying colour coded knives, we also supply a selection of colour coded chopping boards and food storage containers. Following the guidelines above and using the same colour for each food group limits the chance of contamination between food groups and helps promote a safer and more hygienic environment in your kitchen.

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