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Masks and Hair Nets

Using a hair net when prepping or cooking food in the kitchen helps to greatly reduce the chance of stray hairs ending up on your customers plate in the restaurant.

These hair nets for chefs are a cheap and easy to use way of ensuring basic hygiene standards are met in your kitchen or food processing area. We also supply beard masks for men to ensure their whiskers do not end up in their customers meal! Check out the full range below!

  • Medical Face Masks (3 ply)

    DPFMASK00476 AJ Stuart
    (£61.92 inc. VAT)
    Pack of 1000
    In stock

    Protect you, your staff and your customers with our Medical Face Mask 3ply Type 1 (EN14683:2019+AC:2019). Hypoallergenic Adjustable Nose Bar High ...

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  • Le Chef White Adjustable Skull Cap DF15

    HSAJSLECH626 Denny's
    (£11.45 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Le Chef White Adjustable Skull Cap is a plainly designed cap which is available in a medium and large size. This ultimate skull cap has a Therm...

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  • Denny White Trilby Hat Dg39

    HSCHEFH00039 Denny's
    from £10.12
    (£12.14 inc. VAT)
    Limited stock

    The Denny White Trilby Hat is a rimmed hat with ventilated top. The fine mesh net improves airflow around the head, helping to keep it cool. This ...

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  • Denny White Nylon Net Peak Cap Dg41

    HSAJSLECH229 Denny's
    (£4.27 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The Denny White Nylon Net Peak Cap is designed for wear by women in order to keep hair tidily in place and covered when preparing and cooking food....

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  • White Hairnet Per 100

    HSAJSMART09 Denny's
    (£8.69 inc. VAT)
    In stock

    The White Hair Net is a comfortable hair covering cap for use in the kitchen environment when preparing and cooking food. It provides full hair cov...

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  • Reusable Black Face Mask

    DPFMASK00478 Hugh Jordan & Co
    (£5.92 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 14+ Days Delivery Additional stock available from bulk warehouse in 2-4 days

    Reusable Black Face Mask

  • Kn95 Ffp2 Respirator Mask {Pack/25}

    DPFMASK00005 Hugh Jordan & Co
    (£145.73 inc. VAT)
    Pack of 25
    In stock

    CE approved and conforms to EN ISO 14971:2012 & EN 1041:2008 What is a KN95 FFP2 Respirator Face Mask? A KN95 face mask is a respiratory face m...

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