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Choosing the right catering crockery and plates for a restaurant is probably one of the most important things to get right when opening a new restaurant or designing a new menu.

Whether you need restaurant plates for fine dining or crockery for casual dining in a cafe or restaurant, we offer a huge selection of plates, cups, saucers, bowls and other table top crockery to suit all styles of dining.

When choosing catering crockery it is important to find the right balance between a number of deciding factors:

  • Restaurant plates to suit your meals and dining style.
  • Finding catering crockery that suits your budget.
  • How easily does my crockery chip or crack and how often may I need to buy replacements?
Catering Crockery & Restaurant Plates

Choosing catering crockery & restaurant plates...

Have a browse through our range of catering crockery below, including our extensive collection of Steelite crockery, or you can view our complete collection of fine dining crockery or casual crockery if you are unsure of the brands.

If you need any advice on picking crockery or plates for your restaurant, please get in touch and we can discuss your options further.

Steelite Crockery
» Steelite Crockery
Steelite crockery is a high quality collection of commercial crockery with patterns suitable for both fine dining or traditional dining e...
Elia Crockery
» Elia Crockery
Our collection of Elia crockery is a varied and extensive collection of fine dining crockery with a diverse blend of shapes, styles and p...
Royal Genware Fine China
» Royal Genware Fine China
Royal Genware Fine China is a top of the range collection of fine dining tableware that is widely used in many hotels and restaurants th...
Genware Porcelain
» Genware Porcelain
Genware porcelain tableware is quality range of catering crockery that is best suited for use in a casual dining environment Genware Whi...
Value Crockery
» Value Crockery
Our collection of value crockery is a range of cost effective plain white porcelain tableware that is ideal for those working with a tig...
Luna Stoneware
» Luna Stoneware
Luna Stoneware is a new collection of stylish black stoneware that is perfect for fine dining in hotels or restaurants. This range of Lu...
Elivero Crockery
» Elivero Crockery
Elivero crockery is a practical yet stylish collection of casual dining crockery, perfect for both contemporary or traditional dining hot...
Schonwald Crockery
» Schonwald Crockery
Schonwald Crockery is is a premium range of fine dining porcelain which is used in some of the best hotels and restaurants in the UK and ...
Fine Dining Tableware
» Fine Dining Tableware
Our collection of fine dining tableware is a collection of both contemporary and traditionally styled crockery that is used in fine dinin...
Casual Tableware
» Casual Tableware
Our range of casual dinnerware and everyday crockery features a huge range of plates, cups, saucers, bowls and tableware that is extensiv...
Snack Trays and Platters
» Snack Trays and Platters
These unique snack trays & platters are ideal for buffets, pub grub or serving a few biscuits along with your tea or coffee. With enough ...
Oven to Tableware
» Oven to Tableware
Our range of oven to tableware allows you to cook pies, lasagnes or pasta bakes and serve them directly to your customers table using the...
Glass Display Dishes
» Glass Display Dishes
A unique collection of glass display dishes that adds wonderful colours, shapes and styles to any contemporary dining setting. Let your i...
Pizza Plates & Pasta Bowls
» Pizza Plates & Pasta Bowls
A wide variety of pizza plates to help enhance your pizza and pasta presentation.
Personalised Cups and Plates
» Personalised Cups and Plates
Using a range of personalised crockery within your hotel, cafe or restaurant adds a real sense of belonging and is a great way to promot...