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We supply a huge range of catering cutlery for use in hotels, restaurants, cafes and other catering settings.

Our collection of wholesale cutlery for the UK and Ireland offers your some of the best value cutlery to be found anywhere on the high street or online!

We offer a full range of cutlery patterns for fine dining right through to cutlery for cafes or for your table at home. The choice of cutlery for restaurants is extensive and choosing the right cutlery to suit your style of dining is an important aspect of your table settings and food presentation.

Wholesale Cutlery UK

Wholesale Cutlery UK...

You'll find many of our cutlery patterns in high street department stores and cook shops. As a wholesale cutlery supplier in the UK, our cutlery prices are greatly reduced from many of those high street stores and cookery shops.

Check out our full range of cutlery below as well as our selection of specialist cutlery and cutlery storage options.

Fifth Avenue Cutlery
» Fifth Avenue Cutlery
Highly Functional and Exceptional Quality Products Suitable for any Catering Supply Need. We Stock the Full Set of Fifth Avenue Cutlery ...
Grafton Cutlery
» Grafton Cutlery
With a subtle nod to one of Dublin's most iconic streets, our new Grafton range of cutlery conveys class and perfection. It's sleek and ...
Elia Cutlery
» Elia Cutlery
Elia cutlery is a quality collection of modern cutlery that is superbly finished and is ideal for both commercial and domestic table sett...
Cumberland Cutlery
» Cumberland Cutlery
The Cumberland Cutlery Range Boasts a Selection of Superior Design, Highly Functional and Exceptional Quality Products Suitable for any ...
Sambonet Cutlery
» Sambonet Cutlery
Sambonet cutlery is an exceptional collection of Italian cutlery that adds character and style to any hotel or restaurant table top. The ...
Amefa Cutlery
» Amefa Cutlery
Amefa cutlery is a world renowned brand of quality cutlery which features a selection of traditional and modern cutlery patterns. You wil...
Bead Cutlery
» Bead Cutlery
Bead cutlery is a traditionally styled range of cutlery with an attractive bead border that adds real charm to your table settings. This ...
Harley Cutlery
» Harley Cutlery
Harley cutlery is a classic pattern of traditional styled cutlery with a double etched edge design, perfect for your hotel or restaurant....
Kings Cutlery
» Kings Cutlery
Kings cutlery is a traditional cutlery pattern with Royal styled embossments on each handle - perfect for classic dining settings. As the...
Dubarry Cutlery
» Dubarry Cutlery
Dubarry cutlery is a traditional pattern that has an intricately designed handle, making it a firm favourite amongst many hotels and rest...
Economy Cutlery
» Economy Cutlery
A collection of economy cutlery that is perfect for those working with a smaller budget. A plain cutlery pattern ideal for staff kitchens...
Cutlery Sets
» Cutlery Sets
Our collection of cutlery sets features cutlery gift sets and cutlery canteens that make perfect gift sets or are ideal for stylish front...
Steak Knives
» Steak Knives
This range of steak knives and forks for restaurants will help customers easily slice through their favourite steak. Steak knives are use...
Service Cutlery
» Service Cutlery
Service cutlery is a quality collection of silver service cutlery for serving food onto customers plates at their table. These silver ser...
Coffee and Ice Cream Spoons
» Coffee and Ice Cream Spoons
Coffee spoons are served with coffee in a tall glass so you can easily mix milk and sugar into your latte or morning coffee. Although pri...
Disabled Cutlery
» Disabled Cutlery
A unique collection of disabled cutlery that is designed for disabled or elderly users who have restricted hand movement or grip. This co...
Cutlery Storage
» Cutlery Storage
Our range of cutlery holders and cutlery storage ideas provide a safe and tidy solution to storing your cutlery when not in use. These cu...