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Amefa Cutlery

Amefa cutlery is a world renowned brand of quality cutlery which features a selection of traditional and modern cutlery patterns.

You will find Amefa cutlery sets in use in many hotels and restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland. This quality collection of stainless steel cutlery will provide you with many years of great service, no matter which pattern of Amefa cutlery you choose.

Some of the Amefa cutlery patterns we stock include Rattail and Napoli cutlery.

Amefa Napoli
» Amefa Napoli
Amefa Napoli is a modern range of cutlery that has a slimline appearance with a highly polished finish. Amefa Napoli is the perfect colle...
Amefa Rattail
» Amefa Rattail
Amefa Rattail is a traditional pattern of cutlery with a broad gauge handle and central line through each piece. This range of cutlery is...
Amefa Metropole
» Amefa Metropole
The Amefa Metropole range of cutlery is a modern range of cutlery that will bring a metropolitan style and sleek finish to any table sett...