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Steelite Koto

The Steelite Koto collection features a black body with a rich iron red glaze around the edges. This Japanese style range looks wonderful on the table and is widely used for food presentation from Oriental and Asian cuisine.

Steelite Koto is a traditionally styled pattern that is perfect for a more casual and relaxed dining atmosphere. The striking colours and stylish glaze allow you to create eye catching and memorable food presentations that will last long in the memory of your guests and customers.

Each piece of Steelite Koto is hand finished with a stylish red glaze giving this range a warm and organic feel. The Koto collection will stand the test of time in any commercial dining setting as it is highly resistant to chipping and is safe for use in both the microwave and dishwasher.

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    Steelite Koto Rectangle One

    STKOTOS00550 Steelite
    (£51.67 inc. VAT)
    Out of Stock - Available to order 7-10 Days Delivery

    The Steelite Koto Rectangle One is suitable for serving food at all stages of the meal, from appetizers to mouth-watering main courses to exquisite...

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  • Steelite Koto Axis Bowl

    STAJSSTKO18 Steelite
    from £12.47
    (£14.96 inc. VAT)
    Limited stock

    The Steelite Koto Axis Bowl is a narrower shaped bowl available in a range of sizes (3", 6" and 8") The oriental feel of these bowls perhaps make t...

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