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Fine Dining Tableware

Our collection of fine dining tableware is a collection of both contemporary and traditionally styled crockery that is used in fine dining restaurants and hotels throughout the UK and Ireland.

Some of our fine dining crockery is also a favourite amongst domestic users who wish to use restaurant quality dinner plates at a dinner party or family gathering at home!

Our fine dining tableware has been chosen from some of the most respected crockery manufacturers in the catering trade including Steelite, Schonwald, Elia and Royal Genware. These manufacturers are renowned for their quality and are brands which are easily identifiable with fine dining crockery and contemporary tableware.

Fine dining is a combination of the food which has been cooked and how this food is then presented to the customer. Our collection of fine dining crockery is the perfect platform for you to create beautiful food presentations and leave your customers in amazement when their meal arrives at their table.

Steelite Spyro
» Steelite Spyro
With a delicate swirling pattern and sweeping lines, Steelite Spyro is a fine dining pattern that will continue to inspire for many year...
Steelite Alvo
» Steelite Alvo
Steelite Alvo has a subtle embossment within each piece and is extensively used in fine dining environments. This pure white range will ...
Steelite Bianco
» Steelite Bianco
Steelite Bianco is a fine dining range of top quality crockery with a delicate curved embossment which will inspire any table setting Th...
Steelite Monaco
» Steelite Monaco
Steelite Monaco is a versatile collection which can be used in almost any dining environment from fine dining to banqueting. The simple ...
Steelite Sheer
» Steelite Sheer
The angled bowls and plates from the Steelite Sheer range offers a fantastic platform for inventive food presentations in any fine dinin...
Steelite Quadro
» Steelite Quadro
With its softly rounded square shapes, the Steelite Quadro pattern offers you a new dimension for creating inventive food presentations....
Steelite Creations
» Steelite Creations
Steelite Creations is a collection of contemporary glassware for creating stunning food presentations that will bring the WOW factor to ...
Steelite Optik
» Steelite Optik
Steelite Optik is a relatively new range in the Steelite collection that features eye catching contours on each piece. This stylish and ...
Genware Fine China
» Genware Fine China
Genware Fine China is a top of the range collection of fine dining tableware that is widely used in many hotels and restaurants througho...
Elia Glacier
» Elia Glacier
Elia Glacier is a fine dining pattern of crockery that has a soft, creamy glaze and gentle sweeping curves, perfect for classic or conte...
Elia Orientix
» Elia Orientix
Elia Orientix crockery is a stunning range of fine dining whiteware that features a soft, creamy glaze and soft flowing curves on each ...
Elia Cubiq
» Elia Cubiq
Elia Cubiq crockery is a delicately hand painted range of fine dining tableware that features a delicate platinum band with delicate gol...
Elia Miravell
» Elia Miravell
Elia Miravell is a modern, fine dining collection of crockery with a soft creamy glaze and elegant flowing lines making it the perfect r...
Schonwald Fine Dining
» Schonwald Fine Dining
Schonwald Fine Dining crockery is a delicate range of fine dining porcelain with distinctive features suitable for exceptional fine dini...
Schonwald Event
» Schonwald Event
Schonwald Event crockery is the ultimate collection of hotel porcelain when it comes to buffet presentation and display. This collection...
Steelite Float
» Steelite Float
Steelite Float is a fine dining collection of crockery with a distinctive and innovative finish. The rim of the Steelite Float range has ...