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Knife Storage

Storing knives safely and correctly in any kitchen is vital to firstly ensure the safety of others in the kitchen as well as making sure that when you need to use your knives again, you know exactly where they are stored.

Our range of knife storage solutions includes a collection of magnetic knife racks, knife blocks, knife wallets and knife wall boxes. Storing and transporting your knives is an everyday occurence for many chefs and so choosing the right form of knife storage is an important decision for any chef.

If you are unsure if our knife storage equipment is suitable for your style of knives, please get in touch before you buy and we will try to identify if your knives are suitable.

Magnetic Knife Rack
» Magnetic Knife Rack
Magnetic knife racks make great space of use in your kitchen, allowing you to safely store knives and kitchen utensil along your walls, a...
Knife Blocks
» Knife Blocks
Traditional wooden knife blocks have been used in kitchens around the world for many years to safely store kitchen knives when not in use...
Knife Wallets
» Knife Wallets
Knife wallets allow you to easily and safely transport many knives at once. These knife wallets are used by chefs who often move between ...
Wall Knife Boxes
» Wall Knife Boxes
Using wall knife boxes for storing knives in your kitchen allows you to make use of previously unused wall space, increasing the space av...