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Chefs Clothing

Our fantastic range of chefs clothing and chefs uniforms ensure your comfort while working in the kitchen, as well as making sure you look the part!

Our collection of chefs jackets, trousers, chefs hats and kitchen footwear are sourced from professional manufacturers including Denny's and Le Chef so you can be guaranteed of the quality of the chefs clothing you are buying.

Chefs Clothing and Chefs Uniforms UK

Chefs Clothing & Chefs Uniforms UK

We supply chefs clothing and uniforms to kitchens and restaurants throughout the UK and Ireland.

If you can't find the colour, style or size you're after, please get in touch and we will try to source it for you.

Chefs Jackets
» Chefs Jackets
Having the right chefs jackets is essential for any chef to make sure they not only look the part, but more importantly that they are com...
Chefs Trousers
» Chefs Trousers
Cook in comfort in your kitchen with our range of chefs trousers, available in many colours, patterns and sizes. Choosing the right pair ...
Chefs Hats and Caps
» Chefs Hats and Caps
Chefs Hats and Caps are more than just a fashion statement in your kitchen, these hats help to prevent hair from falling into your food d...
Safety Shoes
» Safety Shoes
Our range of kitchen shoes and footwear for chefs make sure you are both comfortable and safe in the kitchen with their non slip soles an...
Kitchen Aprons
» Kitchen Aprons
Keeping your clothes or uniform clean in the kitchen is almost an impossible task for any busy chef. However, our range of kitchen aprons...
Oven Gloves & Cloths
» Oven Gloves & Cloths
Whether you're a professional chef in a busy kitchen or you simply put together the dinner for the family at home, you're more than likel...
Polo Shirts and T Shirts
» Polo Shirts and T Shirts
We have a great selection of chefs shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts which are great for working in the kitche, behind the bar or in the r...
Masks and Hair Nets
» Masks and Hair Nets
Using a hair net when prepping or cooking food in the kitchen helps to greatly reduce the chance of stray hairs ending up on your custome...
» Waistcoats
Make sure your waiters and waitresses look the part with our selection of stylish waistcoats for restaurant service. We have a selection ...
Chefs Coats
» Chefs Coats
These chefs coats not only make great coats for the kitchen, but can also be used as traditional white lab coats worn by scientists and r...
» Tabards
Our cleaners tabards are worn by cleaners throughout the UK and Ireland, helping to keep their clothes underneath clean whilst they carry...
» Fleeces
Our fleeces for work will keep you snug and warm on even the chilliest days. With a thick lining and strong zipped fronts, our kitchen fl...
Jacket Buttons and Embroidery
» Jacket Buttons and Embroidery
Add a bit of character to your kitchen clothing with our selection of chefs jacket buttons and embroidery options. We have a range of nov...